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If you are a movie buff, you would have surely come across this iconic card game called Baccarat. Starting with James Bond in ‘The Spy Who Loved me’ to Kangna Ranaut in ‘Simran’, baccarat has formed the dramatic milieu for umpteen blockbusters.

The baccarat game is one of the original casino games with an iconic following in the top gaming capitals from Monte Carlo to Macao. However, you will find that the baccarat casino game has its takers in India too, especially if you visit Goa.

The good news is Fairplay999 offers baccarat casino online, where you can play baccarat anywhere, anytime, without physically going to the casino.

Some people claim that land casino baccarat is the real thing and that the online version lacks the excitement of the land baccarat casino game. That’s because the baccarat bar is as much a social zone as a gaming zone. Well, that could be true. But online casino baccarat games offer a host of other advantages like convenience, user experience and bonuses.

So how to play baccarat online? Well, to start with, baccarat rules are exactly the same. The baccarat game is exactly the way it is, in the real world except there is no presence of a physical dealer. The cards are dealt and created electronically by a software that generates random numbers. This is a big help as the game gets completed much faster due to minimal waiting times.

The other big advantage is that while a land casino will never allow you to play baccarat for free, you can visit Fairplay999 and virtually learn and master how to play baccarat. You can do online baccarat practice, understand what are the rules of baccarat, learn about baccarat card counting and also, how to play baccarat and win. The other big attraction of Fairplay999 are the mouth-watering welcome bonuses as well as promotions that keep the excitement alive! Free extra money from the bonuses is always welcome and this helps you play more, thereby increasing your chance of landing that big win!

At Fairplay999, we also understand that different players have different needs. Some like to play baccarat like a table game. And for those who prefer the overall experience of sitting live at a table in a real life casino, we have live dealer baccarat. This form of the baccarat casino game simulates the real ambience of the land casino and gives an immersive baccarat experience.

Ultimately the real strength of online baccarat casino games are their software platform. And that is where Fairplay999 excels. Our platform employs cutting graphics, an intuitive interface and encryption technology to create a high quality baccarat experience in a secure environment that protects sensitive player information as well as firewall and anti-virus protection.

Also, Fairplay999 offers a plethora of safe banking options like credit/debit cards as well as wallets like Skrill and Astropay. Fairplay999 is also ideal for those chasing the baccarat big win. Our baccarat payout is ultra-fast, many times in less than 24 hours and collection of your deserved prize money is absolutely hassle-free and convenient. This is one of the biggest reasons why Fairplay999 is the first destination for lovers of baccarat.