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There are a number of football betting websites out there. If you are looking for a football betting app, again, you will find lots of options. Again, there are many fans who are on the look out for football betting tips and keep scouring the net, surfing various online football betting sites.

The requirement of each person who wants to place a football bet is unique. We have seen that some guys want free football betting tips, some people want access to football betting predictions from top pundits as they don’t have much confidence in their own ability to read the game. Some people just want to learn how football betting odds work before they decide to get more serious about football betting.

Compared to cricket, betting on football in India is still low-key. But there is growing interest in football betting in India and we have seen instances of people across age groups taking a deep interest in football betting stats and tips and spending a lot of time in football betting advice sites and even on topics like – how much money is bet on football each year?

While there is heightened interest in football betting, it is obvious that reputed online football betting sites like Fairplay999 have to keep pace with the ever-evolving expectations of the audience who comes online to place a football bet. This is important as fans are very finicky when it comes to things like user interface and quality of user experience. At Fairplay999, this is something we are fully cognizant of. That is why, we ensure that every football fan gets access to a world-class football betting site that allows him to put his knowledge of online football betting odds and how to bet on football games to the best possible use and make some serious money!

So when you are thinking about how to bet on football matches and win, it is very critical to choose an online football betting site that is 100% trustworthy, safe and credible. Thankfully, with Fairplay999, you can rest assured you are in safe hands as it is ranked within the top 10 football betting sites in the world! More than 1.5 million players across India, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and even western countries like UK, USA and Canada rely on Fairplay999 to place a football bet for the EPL, Champions League, Bundesliga, Serie A and the ISL. They visit the site to find out the best live football betting rate, football betting tips and the best online football betting odds.

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So whatever you are looking for - live football betting, Euro football betting, understanding football betting or free football match betting tips, Fairplay999 offers the perfect pitch to hit the ball out off the park!