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The spinning roulette wheel has been one of the most iconic recognisable symbols of casino in the modern era. Not many people know that roulette was played as early as the 18th century, in the courts of the French royalty. It has been celebrated in innumerable Hollywood movies and popular culture and it is no surprise that even online roulette has been a spectacular sensation, to say the very least, since the day it was introduced.

While a few have taken to online roulette for fun, an incredibly high number of people have tried to perfect the art of playing online roulette for real money. And with the explosion in the number of mobile devices, online roulette can be rightfully regarded as an equal to its land casino counterpart.

The online roulette game is purely based on chance, just like its brick and mortar version, which makes it ideal for fun and relaxation. The rules of online roulette are easy to grasp and this is a big reason the roulette wheel online game is the first games, most beginners start with.

At Fairplay999, a bit chunk of our visitors are serious online roulette players. They want to play the online roulette game with complete peace of mind. At Fairplay999, we are cognizant of this and respect this. That’s why Fairplay999 site offers a safe and secure environment where 67 security protocols are followed without any compromise. Anyone who comes to play roulette online at Fairplay999 is secure in the knowledge that it holds a license from International Gaming Commission based in Vegas.

At Fairplay999, we are also very finicky about user experience. Before going live, our in-house software team based in California, worked on the online roulette game for 6 years. Every aspect of online roulette was dissected in painstaking detail and finally, what came out was an highly intuitive site, replete with world class graphics that elevated the genre of the roulette online game to an art form. In the process, becoming the first port of call for every kind of online roulette audience – those who play online roulette for fun, those who spin the online roulette wheel for money, the guys who want to learn how to play roulette online and win and even those casual gamers who are on the lookout for online roulette tips and tricks or the guys who want to play American roulette online for free!

At Fairplay999, we also make great efforts to constantly augment our online roulette game offerings. We started with the table version of roulette wheel online game that was wildly popular. But in due course, we also earned the reputation of being the best online live roulette casino. This bouquet of online roulette offerings helped cement our reputation as Asia’s No. 1 online casino roulette gambling site.

We have also earned a rightful reputation for giving out the best welcome bonuses. Thanks to these bonuses, you can play online roulette for much longer periods that increase the possibility of your landing that big win, even more!